It’s a Wrap!

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Years ago, when I ran a boutique person design firm in San Francisco, the team got the what I thought was fairly simple idea of designing and printing wrapping paper as part of a holiday gift kit for clients. Well, the designing part was easy and fun— a great team effort, with great results. The ...

Snow and a Mountain-top Swing

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Wildflowers have exploded Today I had the day off from everything and went putzing around my own backyard: the Sierra Buttes. There is still an amazing amount of snow in the higher elevations. We were stopped on the jeep road by a huge drift and had to continue on foot. In a tank top! My ...

Marvelous Marble Magnets & Pushpins

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When I decided to open a store only selling handmade and  handrafted items; one of the if not the very) first products I thought about was these incredible glass marble magnets & push pins I had bought back in 2009 from Sideproject Designs on etsy, that I absolutely love.  They are incredibly functional — strong ...

Stellar Penthouse for the Jays

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Last year I hunted down a metal chandelier from after having missed buying it originally (a whole separate story how that went down, but I was successful in the end: never give up when you really want something!). This chandelier is HUGE. As in ENORMOUS. Probably 5 or so feet across and taller than ...

Summer Hours

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The store is open Thursday – Sunday 11 am – 4 pm. We’re looking at increasing the hours, but are looking for more people to help run the store, so it’s not happening until we find the right people. Until then, see you Thursday through Sunday!