Stellar Penthouse for the Jays

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Last year I hunted down a metal chandelier from after having missed buying it originally (a whole separate story how that went down, but I was successful in the end: never give up when you really want something!). This chandelier is HUGE. As in ENORMOUS. Probably 5 or so feet across and taller than that with the chains. After realizing it would never fit in any house I will ever live, even with the soaring ceilings of our chalet style house, I promptly found a great home for it on our shade deck (formerly knows as the hot tub deck). I placed some moss in it and presto– insta-beautiful decoration. It stayed there all winter, nicely protected from the snow.

This spring we discovered that a Stellar’s Jay couple had taken up residence in the chandelier, utilizing the moss padding as a base for their incredible nest building skills, adding twigs and mud, getting all set up for egg hatching.

While the rest of the birds around us had to scramble just to survive as the rain and snow kept pounding us through the end of May, this Stellar’s Jay couple was slowly going about building their nest, at time hanging out together in sitting on the wire,  looking at the falling snow and howling wind.

A couple of days ago 2 small baby birds hatched. There is one more egg, but not sure if that will hatch or not. And mama and papa bird are now flying back and forth feeding the babies, while the gently rock in the slowly swinging chandelier in the summer breeze during their parents’ bug hunting sessions.


Wire Chandelier of enormous proportions