Pinwheels + bunting = happiness

Posted by on Jul 2, 2013 in Blog, Musings | No Comments

Kelly and I have been working on making the store more visible from the street. Once up on the porch it’s clear to people what they are about to walk into, but, from the street level it’s not always clear to people that there is this great cache of amazing items just a half story up from where they are walking. We have a hanging sign, and put out an A-frame sign when open (and an open flag as well) but despite these efforts I hear all the time from people that come in “Did you just open? I had no idea you were here! Someone told me I had to stop by!”

For getting attention from people on the street, putting clothing out on display doesn’t help– nor do our window displays. once people are on the porch they see all that are drawn in, but it’s not doing it streetwise. So, after much thinking, I got the idea of bunting! I found amazing options at Knit Craft Sew and got 4 of them. I know I should probably sew these myself, but I have never made bunting, and I love the fabrics Jennifer uses and how well made hers are and why do something someone else does so much better…

The bunting did amazing things to the porch! I need a straight on shot to show you, but I couldn’t get a good one today, but, I got a side-porch shot, showcasing the second item we added to catch attention — pinwheels!

I now have two new obsessions. Pinwheels + bunting. I need to figure out how to make the pinwheel spinning piece, and then I will start making these on my own. So much fun. When the wind picks up and all five start spinning away, I turn 6 again and want to run down the street holding one in my hand.