We’re Open!

Posted by on May 28, 2011 in Blog, Store Happenings & Events | No Comments

Memorial Day Weekend is here! And we opened our doors for the first time today. I was very excited and a bit nervous as I walked up to the store an hour early to prep for opening, only to be met by my first customers! Thankfully one of them were a town neighbor and she was graceful to offer to come back a little later, buying me time to finish vacuuming the space, get my change into the cash box and set up the iPad with my square credit card reader.

Our first day was a huge success. There were a few snafus like me not getting the square reader to work (it helps to push it all the way in to the connector!) to realizing¬† I didn’t have my shopping bag strategy worked out. But, people came in, browsed, exclaimed how much they loved all the stuff in the store, and then proceeded to buy some of it! My idea worked!

The fact that is started to snow midday, didn’t stop people from coming in, however surreal a snowstorm on Memorial Day weekend is– at least to me. We’re in California!!!

As much as I would love to take credit for how great people think the store is (and I am quite proud of it myself) it wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for all my amazing crafters and artisans. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have met such amazing people via etsy.com and have their support in my idea. To be able to carry some of the absolutely best of the best of handcrafted goods in the US is incredible. And it feels great to be able to share all the incredible things I have found with people here in Sierra City.