Candles & wine…

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When I am going through etsy looking for great things for the store, I don’t always know what I am looking for. I sometimes keep a list of ideas of types of items to look for, other times I let my searching guide me– everything from random results, to favorites of people who’s taste or work I admire. At times it can be frustrating during this search to find that there are SO MANY things on etsy– like 16,000 widgets and 7,800 gadgets, yet somehow, I can’t find any that are good.

Well, it’s not so much that most items aren’t that good, it is more about that I am looking for that something special, something that is not anything I have to think over — “would that sell in the store..hmmm. I like it, but….”

Cocktail Scented Candles

Not my photo! From Chicago Candle Co.'s etsy store

So, when I do come across something that just completely jumps out at me, pops off the screen, I feel joy and amazement, and, gratefulness. I am so grateful that there are people out there that make such incredible things! My whole idea around Fox Parlor is to only sell items that we would normally use anyway — just well designed, beautiful, quirky and special versions of those items. I don’t believe in a glass cabinet with figurines in it. My house is filled with stuff, but it’s all useful stuff.

So, when I discover someone who has found that incredible balance of form and function equally weighted, my heart sings. And, I recently found such an item– candles — from Chicago Candle Co. I could have just started with saying I found these awesome candles, but, I wanted to share the philosophy behind my store in order to fully convey how huge a find like this is to me.

Now, I wasn’t actually actively looking for candles as I have some good ones in the store. Well, though, to be honest, they are good, but none that I LOVE. I have had this vision, that there is a candle out there that is practically made for my store. And that one day I’d come across it. And, I have.

Ta da: Chicago Candle Co.’s hand poured soy candles in up-cycled wine bottles. They are truly made for my store. There was something something missing before, but no more. I love these candles, and, so do people who come in to the store. If you are looking for a great gift, come on by and pick one up! Or, order one from them.