It’s a Wrap!

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Years ago, when I ran a boutique person design firm in San Francisco, the team got the what I thought was fairly simple idea of designing and printing wrapping paper as part of a holiday gift kit for clients. Well, the designing part was easy and fun— a great team effort, with great results. The printing part, less so.

Fox Parlor Holiday Gift Wrapping Kit

I had NO idea how complicated — and expensive –  it would be to make that happen. Over the course of a few weeks I became an expert in all the possible ways to print wrapping paper, most of which are prohibitively expensive and all very impractical. I figured I was missing something that everybody else knew. In the end we settled on working with one of our greatest printers and the project went off beautifully, very much because of the pressman who managed to keep our stuff looking fabulous. Though it was the most expensive holiday gift I ever have, or will, produce, it was quite successful, and, I still have wrapping paper, for the rest of my life…

51greenwich wrapping paper for Fox Parlor
51greenwich’s Planets Wrapping Paper

Anyway, so when I started looking for wrapping paper (other than my own) to carry in the store, I quickly found out that I wasn’t alone — there is not an overwhelming amount of it on etsy. Rather, I think this is an occasion to use the word underwhelming when describing my options. I did come across amazing Smock Papers (more about them in a later post) but I also did come across a really great wrapping paper–great design, beautiful color & high quality — in 51greenwichs’s shop. When I went to read the profile and policies (as always to find out who this person is who makes the stuff, and whether I would want to buy from them, and whether they will sell wholesale to me )— I ended up laughing out loud as I read her description of the process ((or ordeal might be a better word) she had to go through to get those printed. Here was a fellow traveler! Who didn’t give up!

When I reached out I was so thrilled that she was happy to work with me on getting her wrapping papers into my store, and imagine my happy surprise when I discovered that she had a whole set of different colors, even more beautiful than what was listed on her etys site at the time. I love these papers, they are of a great qualty, wrap beautifully and really stand out. I just used it to wrap a gift, bought by the groom’s sister, for a couple who got married in our town! And I am really proud to carry 51greenwich paper products in my store.