Organized…and pretty!

Like so many of the items I carry in my store, I originally bought one of them for myself, way before I even knew I was going to open a store. Years ago I bought a keyfob wristlet from BizzieLizze’s etsy shop, and picked up one of her incredible shoulder bags while I was at it. The keyfob has since bit the dust—it didn’t wear out, but it got so dirty from being used on a daily basis in a very active outdoors environment, and, well, I guess  if I am to be honest, I didn’t need a ton a convincing to replace it as I found a new one I liked even better…Which I still use. And my spare keys are one one as well! I love how easy it is to grab my keys and go. I can hang it over my wrist when I walk the dog, stick the fabric part into my jeans pocket, and keys are dangling just outside the pocket. No more rooting around in my purse.

At some point along the way when I did a reorder for keyfobs, I also picked up a few of Bizzie Lizzie’s zippered pouches for the stre, which are great as well. I love the fabric choices, and they are all so well made. As someone who has sewn a lot myself over the years, when someone can produce a small items with a  zipper and make it look perfect I am definitely impressed.

Bizzie Lizzie doesn’t carry the keyfobs anymore, but I have a few of hers left in my store if you want one! And if you want a great shoulder bag that will last you forever, and never start looking shabby, I can strongly recommend one of her bags and purses. I love mine, use it almost every day, and it still looks brand new, except for the cookie crumbs and coins at the bottom of it.


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  1. Charlotte B.
    April 17, 2012

    So happy discovering this blog post from my stats! Your place looks incredible! I’m honored to be a part of this! Thanks so much for the lovely write up!!