Summer’s off to a great start

Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in Blog, Musings, Things in the Store | No Comments

Summer is finally here in full force, and our first couple of weekends have been great!

It’s always so much fun to get the shop set up, working on displays and figuring the best way to lay out the store. This year, with the expanded space in the back, we had a lot more to work with — and most importantly, a lot of nice light.

I can’t wait to post some new photos, hopefully in no more than two weeks, to show off what it looks like now. And, we have a lot of exciting new products I want to show off as well, but, for now, it’s another photo-less post. Or, actually, I am including a photo of one of my own made bags, on the dress form with one of my favorite t-shirts from Ellembee as well as a fave scarf from Little Minnow Design — it’s the only decent photo I can get my hands on while writing this post!

Some of our new makers are Chicago Candle Co., The Soap Market, Ruff House Art, 55His, Man vs George, and lots more. As said, I WILL post photos, and another thing on my to do list is to write more posts about what we carry in the store (with photos!).

My original idea was to post at least once a week, showcasing makers and products, but, somehow running the shop, eating ice cream, swimming in the river, drinking wine, swimming and other things (not particularly in that order) seem to get in the way…