Pinwheels + bunting = happiness

Pinwheels + bunting = happiness

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Kelly and I have been working on making the store more visible from the street. Once up on the porch it’s clear to people what they are about to walk into, but, from the street level it’s not always clear to people that there is this great cache of amazing items just a half story ...

Summer’s off to a great start

Summer’s off to a great start

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Summer is finally here in full force, and our first couple of weekends have been great! It’s always so much fun to get the shop set up, working on displays and figuring the best way to lay out the store. This year, with the expanded space in the back, we had a lot more to ...

Butterflies, everywhere butterflies!

Butterflies, everywhere butterflies!

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I woke up today with butterflies in my stomach and on my brain. Tomorrow is the first open day of the season, and we’re not really 100% ready for that to happen! A lot of things still need price tags, and I myself find it seriously annoying when things are not marked with a price ...

Great Start: despite road construction

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We’ve been open for 4 weekends now! Wow, how time flies. It has been so much fun starting up this summer, the store is much bigger since I moved the drafting table and my production station over to the schoolhouse. The new layout feels really good, with the counter at the front. Yesterday Kelly Wiltsie, ...

Summer is here! We’re open!

Summer is here! We’re open!

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Very exciting! We’ve been working like mad all day to get the shop in presentable shape for tomorrow’s opening for 2012.

Baby Jays about to fly the coop

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Baby Jays went form small, pink, shivering things with closed eyes, to beautiful fuzzy blue balls, very curious and ready to get going elsewhere. They keep climbing up to the edge of the chandelier and sit there and stretch their wings and flap a little. They are still very hungry and their parents are diligently ...

Snow and a Mountain-top Swing

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Wildflowers have exploded Today I had the day off from everything and went putzing around my own backyard: the Sierra Buttes. There is still an amazing amount of snow in the higher elevations. We were stopped on the jeep road by a huge drift and had to continue on foot. In a tank top! My ...

Stellar Penthouse for the Jays

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Last year I hunted down a metal chandelier from after having missed buying it originally (a whole separate story how that went down, but I was successful in the end: never give up when you really want something!). This chandelier is HUGE. As in ENORMOUS. Probably 5 or so feet across and taller than ...